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The Alumni Association of  Taipei First Girls High School was formally established on September 9th, 1989.  The main goals are to enhance relationships among the alumni, and for the alumni to stay in contact as well as to provide resources to Taipei First High School in return.  We have hundreds of thousands of alumni and over one thousand life-time members as of 2015.

Anyone graduated from Taipei First Girls High School who is over 20 years old and capable, is eligible to apply for the membership of the Alumni Association.  Once the member fee is rendered, she/he will become a member of the Alumni Association.

Members need to pay a one-time application fee of NT$200.  There are two types of membership:

    >  Regular membership:  Annual membership fee of NT$500.  Upon payment, this membership will be valid for one year.

    >  Lifetime membership:  One time due of NT$10,000 for lifetime membership.

The Alumni Association Board consists of President, Vice President(s), Board Directors and Supervisors.  We also have an assigned Executive Secretary and an Administrative Secretary to carry out day-to-day business for the Alumni Association.  Board meetins are held quarterly each year.  There are several groups under the Board:  annual meeting group,  art group, IT group, travel and hiking group, membership group, lecture group, propaganda group, publishing group, overseas group, photography group, volunteer group, and election group.  Varius activities such as exhibition, traveling, hiking, lectures, and other events are held each year.  The Alumni Association relies on the support of all our alumni, and our alumni are proud to br part of this organization.