When the Alumni Association of Taipei First Girls High School was established in 1989,  the members were not very active in participating in its activities at first.  In the following years, the association had co-sponsored the annual 30-year Reunion After Graduation with the Alumni Association of Nortern California.  1993 was the 90th anniversary of alma mater, and the alumni association launched the so-called "Going back to Our Mother's Home" activity,  which received immediate warm welcome and in turn brought about the tradition of alumni's getting together (the reunion) every year.  In 1995, the assocition in Taipei combined its yearly member convention with the reunion.  Afterwards,  based on the decision made in the 1996 Board meeting, the two major activities have since been scheduled to be held together around the alma mater's anniversary in December.  

The reunion is aimed to contact all the classmates of whom we have long lost track, and the mission is passed down to the next year's alumni continuously.  At present, the 40-year reunion and the 50-year reunion have also joined in this event.  Every year, immersed in an ecstatic atmosphere, over one thousand alumni take part in the joint member convention and the reunion, which has become the major annual event of the  Alumni Association of Taipei First Girls High School.